Preclinical services in oncology

Preclinical development of immunotherapies

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Antineo provides a variety of services designed to accelerate the preclinical development of novel therapeutic antibodies. With our in vitro and ex vivo services, we highlight the target of your antibody, and decipher the mechanisms of action of your compounds. Our original in vivo experiments provide Proof of Concept strengthening your data.

Our offer includes

  • Immunology ex vivo assays (T cell activation, CTL assays, Macrophage polarisation etc.)
  • In vitro or ex vivo ADCC, ADCP and CDC assays
  • Original methods for in vivo assessment of ADCC and CDC activities
  • Original in vitro and in vivo assays for bispecific antibodies (anti-CD3)
  • A unique panel of tumour models presenting secondary resistances to immunotherapies