Depending on your objective, Antineo provides services for analysis on fresh samples. We can work on blood products (blood bags) and by products (buffy coat) to isolate the cells of interest and to characterise your target molecule by Flow Cytometry.

We can integrate your antibody in our Flow Cytometry panels for human or mice immune populations to determine on which type of immune cells it is expressed.

We also provide a whole range of ex vivo immunology services using purified populations of immune cells (human or murine):

  • T cell based assays
  • Myeloid Cells based assays
  • ADCC assays with fresh NK cells
  • ADCP assays with fresh myeloid cells

Most assays can be performed as end point and continuous-monitoring studies.

Thanks to our strategic implantation in the heart of Lyon’s anticancer research area, we can facilitate access to fresh tumour samples (solid and liquid tumours).

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