Preclinical services in oncology

in vivo preclinical services

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A major step in preclinical development is demonstrating the antitumor activity of a novel agent in animal models, as well as defining the dosage and schedule that is both efficient and non-toxic.

Antineo in vivo services include

  • Recommendations on the choice of the best indication and model
  • Systemic and haematological toxicity of your compounds in rodents
  • Pharmacokinetics properties in mouse and rat
  • Antitumor efficacy in human or mice tumour models
  • Combination / comparison with gold standards
  • A characterised catalogue of a 90 CDX and 30 syngeneic mice models
  • An original offer of secondary resistances to reference therapies (CDX and syngeneic)
  • The development of models of resistance
  • Immunophenotyping of the tumour micro environment

We have a total capacity of 1800 mice and we can carry on large scale (up to 120 mice) studies.