As a CRO, Antineo is highly specialized in preclinical oncology. We perform a variety of experiments, in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo which aim at:

  • Deciphering the mechanisms of action of your therapeutic antibodies (see section Development of immunotherapies)
  • Understanding the mechanism of action of your chemical compound (see section End point studies and Continuous monitoring)
  • Selecting in vitro the most active candidate (see section In vitro)
  • Choosing the best indication and model for the development of your compound (see section Tumour models)
  • Performing Proof of Concept studies of the antitumor efficacy of your therapeutics (see section In vivo)
  • Developing tailored experiments according your needs

We are first and foremost scientists and we are always thrilled to collaborate to develop new services to answer our client’s need. Feel free to contact us about assays so far not listed in our services!


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