Marie TAUTOU, Charline PERROUIN, Jade RUARD, Léna MARLHOUX, Mélina GAUTHIER, Pierre-Antoine CHOFFOUR, Doriane MATHE, Charles DUMONTET


Antineo is a private French contract research organization (CRO) specializing in preclinical oncology, and more specifically in exploring the characteristics and anti-tumor efficacy of new therapeutic compounds.

Luminescence has proved to be a more sensitive approach than fluorescence for tumor growth follow-up in live mice. Recently, thanks to a luminescence-based method, we have been able to develop in vivo imaging of xenograft and syngeneic tumors and metastases, enabling precise control and monitoring of tumor growth. We developed luciferase-positive cell lines by transduction, and carried out the first trials on a breast cancer cell line (MDA-MB-231) and a lymphoma cell line (DEL). Using longitudinal follow-up with the Ivis Imager®, tumors and metastases collection and FACS analysis, we have validated the comparison between the caliper and Imager methods, the luminescence method being able to detect even smaller tumors and therefore being more precise.

Now, the Ivis Imager® will enable us to regularly monitor tumors and potential metastases over time, saving a significant number of mice. In the near future, our aim is to be able to offer our sponsors tailor-made experimental designs thanks to this equipment.


Download the poster here: Poster AFSSI_VF