Cell culture

Antineo provides access to a controlled-atmosphere environment (P2 microbiological security level) dedicated to cell culture, allowing the manipulation of human and murine cells in optimal conditions.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • A cell culture room (cell counter, inversed contrast phase microscopy, fluorescent microscope, etc.) that allows culture under normoxic or hypoxic conditions (specific CO2 incubators).
  • xCELLigence® and Incucyte® equipment for continuous monitoring of cell proliferation.

Flow Cytometry

Antineo routinely performs flow cytometry studies (BD™ Quanto and LSRFortessa™ flow cytometers) for qualitative and quantitative multiparametric analyses, combined with FlowJo® LLC analyses.

Small animal Imagery

Antineo has developped developed Luciferase (Luc+) cell lines, capable of metabolizing Luciferine. This new method based on luminescence allows us to do a longitudinal follow-up of tumors and metastases in in-vivo models thanks to our Ivis Lumina Imager® (Perkin-Elmer).

Compared to the fluorescence method, luminescence is a more sensitive approach allowing whole body imaging and the detection of deep tumors and metastasis in live mice.

The images obtained with the Ivis Imager® allow us to regularly monitor tumors and potential metastases over time and without loss of luminescence.
We also offer alternative experimental designs with the Ivis Imager®:
• Tracking of a luminescent compound to follow its biodistribution
• Orthotopic injection for a more precise and non-measurable follow-up with the classic method (caliper)
• Development of on-demand models

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