Repositive – the creator of the proprietary platform that enables oncology researchers to search for the pre-clinical cancer models and services they need to drive research, from a list of multiple global Contract Research Organisations (CROs) – has announced that Antineo is the latest CRO to partner with the platform.

The Cancer Models platform seeks to streamline the way in which researchers working in pre-clinical oncology drug discovery find models, services and CROs to partner with. In partnership with biopharma, CROs undertake key aspects of pre-clinical drug discovery work, accelerating the drug discovery process. Repositive is excited to partner with Antineo, a French CRO based in Lyon, specialising in preclinical development of anticancer agents, offered through their cell-derived xenograft (CDX) and syngeneic mouse tumour model platforms. From sensitive tumour models, Antineo has developed proprietary CDX and syngeneic mouse tumour models displaying acquired resistance to existing immunotherapies which can be used to better understand such resistances, to develop new and novel immunotherapies or combination therapies.

Fiona Nielsen, CEO and Founder, Repositive, said: “The new partnership with Antineo strengthens the Cancer Models platform, adding Antineo's unique models and expertise in cancer immunotherapy development to our community. Cancer Models reduces the costly and time-consuming barriers facing oncology researchers as they develop cures and treatments; offering a single platform for global pre-clinical model data that is searchable down to specific genomic characteristics and, importantly, is accessible to all interested parties."

“The more CROs who choose to list their unique products and services on the platform, the faster researchers will be able to locate relevant resources to help accelerate their drug discovery programs, bringing new therapies to the clinic sooner. We are delighted that Antineo has chosen to partner with us in this way to accelerate research for patients' benefit.”

Elsa Kress, Study Director of Antineo said: "We are thrilled to announce the listing of our pre-clinical oncology models on Repositive's Cancer Models platform. Our proprietary immunotherapy resistant syngeneic models and extensive range of CDX models offer a unique and robust platform to better understand mechanisms of resistance and to develop novel cancer immuno and combination therapies. By listing them on Repositive's Cancer Models platform, our aim is to broaden our commercial reach, raise awareness of our expertise and develop new partnerships with pre-clinical researchers to accelerate their drug develop efforts.”